How good is the quality of the prints?

ArteHouse offers only hand numbered, limited edition, giclee prints.

An original limited-edition fine art print is a work of art created and developed by the original artist for the purpose of making a small number of reproductions of his/her work called an “edition”. These types of original graphics include stone or copper plate lithographic prints, silkscreen prints, etchings, monotype prints and many other hand crafted variations. This one-at-a-time printmaking process is difficult and expensive and thus sets a very high standard in both quality and price.

In recent years the giclee process of limited edition fine art prints has been added to this list of acceptable graphic processes by many leading artists.

The giclee process uses technology that allows the artist or archivist to create editions made one-at-a-time to a very high quality standard but without the difficulty of working in reverse on a copper plate or stone or silkscreen. The giclee process requires great attention to detail to be certain that the original work is laser scanned correctly and color corrected to perfectly suit the paper or canvas or cotton rag substrate that it is to be applied to. Once ready the digital file which is often upwards of 300mb is transferred to a “Piezo” printing device. This device translates the color information in the file into hundreds of millions of ink droplets which are sprayed onto the final archival material of the actual print. Many proofs are rejected as artists and archivists work to get their desired results. Once found acceptable a proof is created. As each piece of each edition is made, it is numbered by hand and offered to collectors.

Limited-edition fine art prints should not to be confused with reproductions of existing works that are reproduced photo-mechanically for offset litho presses. These “lithos” are usually produced in mass quantities on printing presses which typically run at 10,000 impressions per hour. Many of our competitors focus on “lithos” and as such offer mass produced images at mass produced prices.

At ArteHouse, we are experts in giclee editions. All of our art and photographic editions are created using the one-at-a-time giclee process. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work as we strive to bring you rare images that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

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